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The Global Business Anthropology Summit is a week- long event featuring six sessions, each focusing on challenging current sustainability practices, through presentations of business cases that forefront the success of doing anthropology with business.

As a short overview, at GBAS21 you can expect to benefit from: 

  • Engaging conversations with business luminaries and leaders about what tomorrow can look like;

  • Come away with new knowledge and insights to engage in business for a sustainable future

  • Create new networking opportunities


For a fuller overview of the many benefits of the conference, click here.





Team Berlin consists of the core organizers behind the 2021 Summit. Based in Berlin, the team consists of international advisory members and interns.


Team Berlin is responsible for program review, planning, event management and communication.

Click here to learn more about Team Berlin, on our meet the team page.

The Steering Committee consists of Session contributors as well as people from the Global Business Anthropology Community. We meet regularly to contribute and discuss new knowledge about overarching themes relating to the Summit and to explore and expand applications.


A key feature of the Summit is the sharing of knowledge and experience across the diverse sectors that integrate anthropological perspectives to address critical concerns about how global businesses and organizations understand the world.



Who Is Behind It

This web page has been created by Berlin and worldwide based anthropologists engaged in using anthropology in different ways. The Global Business Anthropology Summit, held annually, in different places around the world, is a collaboration among anthropologists from an array of professional environments across a global network. The aim of this network is to continue to draw out and learn from the experiences of these practitioners, exposing new ways and conditions for collaborating with different institutions, organizations, and companies, using anthropology in work. Read more about us here.

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