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The Global Business Anthropology Summit is a week-long event that features six sessions, each focusing on challenging current sustainability practices through presentations of business cases that highlight the success of doing anthropology with business.


At GBAS21 you can expect to benefit from: 

•    Engaging conversations with business luminaries and leaders about what the world of tomorrow can look like. Are we really ready for 2030, and what about 2080?


•    New knowledge and insights to engage in business for a sustainable future, bridging the sciences and arts with business.


•    Utilizing networking opportunities to make new connections while being a part of the only worldwide business anthropology summit.


•    Reconsidering while learning about models for risk management without infringing on value creation.


•    Understanding the diffusion of new behaviors in organizations in the face of change.


•    Getting a baseline of knowledge for integration and ethical business and societal governance.


Register to join us at the Global  Business Anthropology Summit 2021 by clicking here, or check out our partnering opportunities here

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