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Meet Team Berlin

The Advisory Members

Inga TREITLER, PHOTO - Copy2.jpg

Inga Treitler 

Loves the mysteries that make people tick. For example, she believes that waste has value if only you see differently. That’s why she uses anthropology’s lenses to help people and companies see challenges in new ways. At GBAS21, her magic power is connecting people and ideas.

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Kyle Gibson

Was drawn to anthropology because of its emphasis on seeing the forest through the trees. He works with Team Berlin on technical and production projects and enjoys the sense of community and purpose he has found among practising anthropologists

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Alberto Guglielmone

Is convinced that anthropology is like a lighthouse to show us the way, out of the fog of these confused and challenging years. Especially in the world of business, where Alberto comes from.  In GBAS21 he represents the point of connection with companies and foundations for partnership and fundraising projects.

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Christine Avenarius.jpg

Christine Avenarius

Enjoys exploring why people do what they do.  She believes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 are useful tools to communicate what connects us and how to find interconnected solutions. At GBAS21, she looks at the big picture and contributes to one of the sessions

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The Interns


Jodi Wong

Is fascinated with how things came to be, and their interconnections. Whilst working on an indoor farm in Hong Kong, she engaged with a nuanced approach to sustainability that goes beyond conventional understanding. At GBAS21, she glues the building blocks together!

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Khumo Face.jpg

Khumo Tlhaboloa

is an open-minded practical thinker, who asks questions with the intention to understand, a sensitivity that he feels is at the heart of Anthropology. At GBAS21, he finds himself involved with everything concerning digital media, and pursuing funding for something he believes in.

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Mustafa Abdalla

Enjoys observing the subtle ways through which people at the grassroots level try to circumvent structural limitations by engaging in different survival strategies including doing business. At GBAS21, he tries to find ways around the obstacles posed by COVID-19 to make the summit accessible by people around the globe.


Natalia Usme

Is a holistic strategist. She connects the dots between business needs, context and human needs to develop innovative ideas and sustainable results for the organizational realm. At GBAS21, she focuses on providing project management tips and tricks

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Bille Lyck

lives the dialectic of asking critical questions and making things work, which he believes lies at the heart of business anthropology as well. At GBAS21 he is communicating the ideas of the summit to the public through creating content for the summit website and social media channels.

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Cheng Shon Chow

Believes that everything links back to anthropology. That’s why she strives to communicate the importance of diverse perspectives to help people make sense of the world. At GBAS21, she keeps things clear and organized, and finds ways to inspire and engage through visual media.

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Kristina Savickyte

is fascinated with how people make sense of their lives and believe that the business world will benefit from social anthropology knowledge. At GBAS21, she uses her resilience and goal-oriented thinking while working on project management and funding opportunities.

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Sofia Pelucchi.jpg

Sofia Pelucchi

is an anthropology student who would like it that anthropology would be used as a keyword for analysing connections between different societies and cultures. At GBAS21, she works about social media strategy and about fundraising, in particular the Italian ones.

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Zach Stevenson

is captivated by the impacts that anthropology can have both in the business sector and the wider world. At GBAS21, he works to expand the digital presence and prevalence of the summit and to connect its mission with US-based institutions and students.

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