Session 4: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity + Equitable Business and Workplaces

We will explain how gender, race and ethnicity shape and impact people’s experiences in the workplace. 


Through business examples of aged-out factory workers in Bangladesh, immigrant cleaners in Berlin, young people’s gendered use of social media, Black professionals in market and consumer research, and essential service workers in the USA during COVID-19, we will expose that more can and should be done to champion diversity and inclusivity in business.


We will discuss implications for the future by illuminating cases where anthropological insights can help businesses create more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace opportunities and experiences.


Session Contributors:

Autumn D. McDonald, ADM Insights and Strategy

Jordan Kraemer, NYU Tandon, USA

Lamia Karim, University of Oregon, USA

Melissa S. Fisher, NYU IPK and The Conference Board, USA

Jana Costas, Europa-Universität Viadrina, Germany

Session contacts: Melissa Fisher and Lamia Karim