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Change + Diffusing Behaviors within Organizations

Thursday, 18:00 - 19:30 CET

We will explain how roles in business respond to internal and external forces that bring new managerial practices and technology.

Through business examples we will show how the need for internal change is identified and managed in two cases: AB InBev and ACME Productions.

We will discuss implications for the future by revealing ways organizations communicate the need for change across sectors, motivating individual, societal, and governmental commitments with concern to technology access, environmental sustainability, equality, and wellness.


Session Contributors:

Kyle Gibson, University of Nebraska, Center for Entrepreneurship, USA  
Natalia Usme
, Flipa Consultora, Colombia

Melissa Vogel, Business Anthropologist at Hanover Research, USA

Karen Smits, Organizational Anthropologist at Practical Thinking, Australia

Laura Korculanin, Design Anthropologist at Give a Shit, Portugal

Session contacts: Natalia Usme and Kyle Gibson

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