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Business Anthropology for the Future + Building a Knowledge Commons

Friday, 16:00 - 17:30 CET

We will explain how business anthropology can be applied and promoted to stimulate growth.

Through a series of interviews with business experts we will explore how anthropology can work in different industries. With interactive polls before and during our session we aim to spark discussion in the audience. We will also share a U.S.-based initiative that will create a brand of business anthropology for the future.

We will discuss implications for the future by exploring how anthropology contributes to the scope and rigor of innovation in business. A growing community of knowledge of business anthropology practices globally can help businesses become future-proof.

Session Contributors:

Allegra Pochtler, TraceMap, Berlin, Germany

Robert J. Morais, Columbia Business School, USA

Susan Kresnicka, Kresnicka Research and Insights , USA

Alberto Guglielmone, Marketing Innovation & Business Anthropology, Milan, Italy

Rosa Ester Snyder, User Researcher, Berlin, Germany

Session contact: Alberto Guglielmone

As part of the Session, we will talk to Jimmy Ege Pedersen who works as a Customer Insights Manager at multinational transport and logistics company A.P. Moller - Maersk.


A seasoned business anthropologist, Jimmy has spent over 10 years applying anthropological methods and social science thinking to drive human-centered innovation in a range of industries and organisational settings. Drawing on deep experience from strategy consulting, design agency work, and public health innovation, Jimmy has spent the past six years applying an anthropological lens to User Experience design. Lately, he has been leading and shaping the evolving UX research practice in agile software development contexts at Mærsk. 


Building bridges between business strategists, designers, data scientists, software engineers and marketeers, Jimmy’s goal is to ensure that solutions address real, unmet needs of target customers and thus drive sustainable business impact. 


Having learned to navigate the complexity of cross-functional work, Jimmy will share his perspective on how an anthropological approach complements and enhances traditional design and business tools and techniques - and lay out which skills and competencies practitioners should hone and develop to demonstrate and convey the value of anthropology in business.

Session VLOG

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