Session 6: Business Anthropology for the Future + Building a Knowledge Commons

We will explain how business anthropology can work in different industries in the future.


Through business examples we will show the ways companies manage transitional conditions and unimaginable futures, including the case of Maersk (shipping and logistics), the case of Lotto Sport (fashion industry), and the case of branding business anthropology across all sectors.

We will discuss implications for the future by exploring how business anthropology contributes scope and rigor to innovation in business of different industries/sectors. A growing knowledge-commons of business anthropology practices globally can help businesses become future-proofed.

Session Contributors:


Rosa Ester Snyder, User Experience Researcher, Berlin, Germany

Allegra Pochtler, TraceMap, Berlin, Germany

Robert J. Morais, Columbia Business School, USA

Susan Kresnicka, Kresnicka Research and Insights , USA

Alberto Guglielmone, Marketing Innovation & Business Anthropology, Milan, Italy

Session contact: Alberto Guglielmone